Sostenibilidad | Mar de Brasas

Committed to our planet

Unbottled water, a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative, stands as a valuable resource in our quest to reduce our ecological footprint. At Mar de Brasas we are aware of this and offer our customers pure filtered water without the need to use plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles, omnipresent in bottled water consumption, generate enormous amounts of waste. The mass production and inadequate disposal of these packaging directly contributes to the proliferation of plastic waste, threatening marine life and affecting aquatic ecosystems. By preferring unbottled water, from Mar de Brasas we are consciously involved in reducing single-use plastic packaging, thus mitigating this environmental threat.

At Mar de Brasas we choose non-bottled water to contribute to the health of the planet that we all share.

Mar de Brasas Marbella, restaurante sostenible